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Remote Guarding

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Remote Guarding

Remote Guarding Overview

By definition Remote Guarding is the virtual performance of all traditional guarding functions undertaken to protect sites from theft and vandalism. It is a very flexible and cost effective approach to security and can encompass perimeter site security, routine site patrols, site access control, the locking and unlocking of the site plus the operation of utilities, such as heating and lighting.

A Remote Guarding package integrates CCTV cameras, motion detection systems (such as perimeter beams) and motion detection analytics to provide a 24/7 security provision that is a real-time preventative security measure.

The principal benefit of a Remote Guarding package is that through integrated cameras all areas of the site can be viewed simultaneously, unlike an on-site security officer who can only be in one location at a time.

The versatility of our Remote Guarding package means that it can be tailored to your security needs so that you can be assured of real-time, full-site security coverage that isn’t subject to human error, whilst achieving cost savings compared with on-site security officers.

Choose from the options below to find out how a GB Monitoring Remote Guarding solution could benefit your business...

Perimeter Security

Through the strategic deployment of an integrated CCTV system, we can remotely monitor the perimeter of your business site. This is the best way to prevent potential intruders from entering your premises as the motion detectors pick up any unusual movement and transmit live footage to the Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) who will promptly initiate a response if unauthorised human activity is visible.

A member of our RVRC would initially use an integrated tannoy system to warn any potential intruders that they are currently being recorded on live CCTV and to leave the area immediately or the Police will be called. This action on its own normally prevents any crime from being committed and in the rare cases that it doesn’t, the monitoring operative will contact the authorities and stay focused on the intruder to help the Police obtain them when they arrive on site.

Site Entry and Exit Management

From our NSI Gold standard RVRC we can control site access and exit for both pedestrians and vehicles through the operation of barriers, bollards and gates. We can also remotely control in-house access for those areas that are deemed high risk such as laboratories, plant rooms and cash offices.

It might even be that only designated areas are open at certain times, for instance your warehouse may dispatch or receive deliveries outside of office hours. In these situations we could remotely lock and unlock designated areas to ensure security across the entirety of the site.

Employee Welfare Monitoring

As an employer you have a legal obligation to ensure that your employees are adequately protected. With a GB Monitoring Remote Guarding package you can not only ensure that your employees are protected from external threats but you can implement a system that allows you to monitor employee wellbeing too. For example, you can double check that staff are being supervised correctly and that they are taking appropriate breaks.

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