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Plant Machinery Monitoring

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Plant Machinery Monitoring

Plant Control Monitoring Overview

Business continuity plans rely on the performance of business critical tasks. In manufacturing this might include the performance of machinery where any downtime could damage both profitability and business reputation. To reduce the risk of this happening, GB Monitoring offer a monitoring service that specifically covers key tasks and/or machinery in a manufacturing process – this is commonly referred to as plant control monitoring.

The Benefits of Plant Control Monitoring

  • A truly integrated plant monitoring system that provides long-term value through the provision of 24 hour monitoring, 365 days a year.
  • Reducing the risk of business down-time through a mechanical fault and/or failure which reduces the threat to profitability and helps manage business reputation.
  • If a mechanical fault and/or failure does occur then monitoring allows for action to be taken even if outside of working hours.
  • Provision of tangible control mechanisms which might help with insurance policies.

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