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Integrated System Monitoring

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Integrated System Monitoring Overview

For increased security and additional performance our unique alarm receiving centre allows us to develop and provide truly automated solutions.

As well as providing CCTV monitoring, intruder alarm monitoring and fire alarm monitoring, the system can be linked to monitor many different activities such as:

  • The integration of intruder, CCTV and access control via software allows enabling alarms to be handled with automated follow-on actions such as video verification of standalone CCTV systems and viewing of activity on access control systems;
  • The remote operation of barriers, kerbs and gates;
  • Building and site entry;
  • Operation of smoke machines;
  • Interactive monitoring within the retail sector; 
  • Interactive monitoring with secure sites using manned guarding;
  • Remote operation of weighbridges;
  • Remote operation of purpose built display boards providing information such as directions or traffic information;
  • Scheduled arming and disarming of systems including zoning;
  • Remote guarding solutions.

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