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HeiTel Security Solutions

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Overview of HeiTel Security Solutions

HeiTel software and hardware products are designed for the transmission and recording of digital video data. User-friendly conception, high reliability and flexibility are their trademarks.

The optimised video transmission and recording with best image quality at smallest data capacity is the result of years of experience and successful design work.

The security solutions range from stationary stand-alone applications with optional multi-site support, through mobile applications to sophisticated control centre applications. HeiTel products are designed to not only record crimes but to also be proactive in preventing them and the associated damage they cause.

In contrast to traditional intervention that uses task forces such as manned guards or the Police that must first reach the site under surveillance, video intervention can be applied immediately. With the help of high quality live pictures and audio transmission to the site, potential threats can be addressed directly and given audible verbal warnings.

Video Alarm Verification

Video alarm verification helps to establish whether an alarm is a real or false activation and can also support traditional services attending the site such as security guards or the Police. This check is carried out by our Remote Video Receiving Centre(RVRC) and in the case of an incoming alarm; our SIA licensed operators will always carry out a preliminary verification check in order to exclude false alarms.

The HeiTel VideoGateway immediately detects an alarm or error situation on site and will automatically make available the image that triggered the alarm to the RVRC. The RVRC can also actively support the onsite intervention teams with live pictures of the event taking place.

Video Intervention

The video intervention facility provides the RVRC with the option of taking preventative, or in the case of an alarm, direct and immediate action to actively prevent criminal behaviour. The preventative actions include automatic virtual site patrol, guard services and remote control of lights, gates and doors.

By combining HeiTel video gateways with Heitel video alarm management software, customised and comprehensively security solutions can be implemented. Using this technology our RVRC can react to different requirements and offer customer-specific service packages.

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