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Fire Alarms

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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Overview

Fire alarm monitoring ensures that alerts can be received 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and acted upon as quickly as possible by notifying keyholders and initiating an emergency response. This ensures that homes and business premises are protected regardless of whether they are occupied.

At GB Monitoring we provide fire alarm monitoring in accordance to BS 5979:2007. We can monitor a wide range of systems, from a fire detection device on an intruder alarm through to a full commercial multi-site fire alarm system.

The Benefits of Fire Alarm Monitoring

  • Peace of mind that when premises are left unattended there still will be fast detection of a fire with immediate action being taken.
  • Alarm monitoring reduces the risk to business continuity through loss and/or damage to business assets.
  • For domestic clients, alarm monitoring reduces the risk of personal loss and upset caused by fire.
  • It may help to reduce insurance premiums.

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