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CCTV Transmission Systems

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Overview of CCTV Transmission Systems

GB Monitoring offer a range of CCTV Transmission Systems including ADPRO, HeiTel and Dedicated Micros.

These systems are the most capable on the market and are easily integrated with our Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC).


HeiTel security solutions range from stationary stand-alone applications with optional multi-site support, through mobile applications to sophisticated control centre applications. HeiTel products are designed to not only record crimes but to also prevent them and the associated damage they cause. Read more.

Dedicated Micros

Dedicated Micros specialises in CCTV control equipment and is known for designing and manufacturing robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware to meet the demands of continuous security surveillance. NetVu Connected products guarantee compatibility between security solutions as well as improving efficiency, and reducing installation and commissioning time. Read more.


The aim of an ADPRO system is to transform your approach to security from reactive to proactive threat detection. ADPRO has a range of security solutions designed for perimeter security, multi-site security and enterprise security which are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. Read more.

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