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Access Control Monitoring

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Access Control Monitoring

Access Control Monitoring Overview

The remote monitoring of access control systems removes the need for a manned guard on site entry. In addition to it being a cost effective, reliable solution to protect against unauthorised entry, developments in technology mean that access control solutions can now be adapted to work with business reporting tools, such as Sage payroll and can also help provide due diligence of care for lone workers.

At GB Monitoring we provide access control monitoring and remote operation of all access control systems, encompassing gates, doors, barriers and turnstiles. For example, integration with CCTV can utilise vehicle registration software to enable automatic access through controlled gates or barriers by approved vehicles. Access control monitoring can also be integrated with lone worker security to monitor movements.

The Benefits of Access Control Monitoring

  • A cost effective and reliable access control solution for both vehicles and pedestrians which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Real-time access control to enable site entry and exit.
  • Is ideal for those businesses which require limited out of hours site access as it saves on the provision of 24 hour manned access control.

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