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Our Monitoring Platform of choice

To ensure that our remote monitoring packages provide long-term value, we choose to operate the Open Protocol Central Station Management Solution by ESI, specialists in monitoring platforms. 

We believe that this ESI system is the best monitoring platform to operate from because not only is it a proven system in both video and alarm monitoring, but it provides us with the flexibility to build bespoke monitoring  solutions which will suit our client’s needs better in the long-term.

ESI have established strategic partnerships with key manufacturers in the remote security market which means that we are able to configure our monitoring solutions to a vast array of security equipment. This is of great benefit to our clients as it means that in most cases we are able to monitor from existing security equipment.

To provide you with a clearer idea of the manufacturers that we can configure our monitoring services with, please see below for a current list of ESI’s partners:

  • Aasset Security
  • Agveille
  • Anaveo
  • Argos Technologies
  • Aver
  • Axis Communications
  • Bosch
  • Dallmeier
  • Dowshu
  • E CCTV
  • Essence Group
  • E max
  • Fox Stream Intelligence Video
  • Genetec
  • Geo Vision Inc
  • Geutebruck
  • HeiTel
  • Hikvision
  • Hi Tron Systems Inc
  • Hymatom
  • IBM
  • Ikonic
  • IMDS
  • Jablotron
  • Lilin
  • Logitronik
  • March Networks
  • M Teye Security Ltd
  • Open-e
  • Panasonic
  • Pelco by Schneider Electric
  • RSI Video Technologies
  • Samsung
  • Securiton
  • Septam
  • Siemens
  • Sony
  • SurTec
  • TEB
  • TeleEye
  • Videcon Plc
  • Videofied made by RSI Video Technologies
  • Visual Tools
  • Xtralis