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By working in partnership with GB Monitoring, a specialist provider of CCTV monitoring, intruder alarm monitoring and fire alarm monitoring, security installers will be able to offer their customers remote monitoring services to complement their security system installations.

As an expert in tailored remote monitoring, with an enviable reputation spanning over 20 years, at GB Monitoring we are always looking for committed security installers who want to build their business by partnering with us. We are committed to our installer partnerships and provide support to create new market opportunities with our superior technical, sales and marketing expertise.

Benefits for the installer:
•    Excellent commission potential
•    Flexible contracting options
•    Customer referrals for a pre-agreed designated area
•    Technical know-how and backup
•    Expert consultancy support
•    Wide range of transmitters supported
•    Free transmitter option*
•    Pre-configured system option*
•    Dedicated named contacts
•    Account management style service

*There is no obligation to use our transmitters or pre-configured options – see our approved installer partnership packages  for more detail.

Benefits for the installer’s customers:
•    Genuine 24-hour monitoring solution
•    Competitive costs for a premium service
•    Fixed price contracts
•    No activation charges;
•    No minimum size installation
•    Full client management
•    Secure broadband provision

For more details visit the approved installer partnership packages page.

Partnership Packages

We have a range of partner contract options providing you, as the installer, with the flexibility to offer a pricing plan that satisfies your clients. Details of these options are found below:

Option 1 – Commission friendly package

This package enables you to install CCTV and transmitters to your own specification and add value with our service on our gross commission rate option. We invoice the end user and you earn 10% commission on every fixed price contract for its entire duration.

Option 2 – Set your own contracts

This package enables you to install and transmitters to your own specification and add value with our service on our net rate and you invoice your customers at the fixed price rate you agree with them, deciding on your own profit margin.

Option 3 – Free transmitter

We provide you with a free HeiTel transmitter, drastically reducing capital outlay for your customer and so boosting your sales offering to help you win price sensitive contracts. We ask in return that your customer signs a three year contract with GB Monitoring.

Option 4 – Pre-programmed ready to use system                                                                            

We provide a rack cabinet with transmitter and patch panels and broadband router all preconfigured, allowing you to simply plug in the cameras to get your customers security package with monitoring up and running. This option is ideal if you’re looking for an easy route into remote monitoring, with a pre-specified package to offer on top of your own CCTV specification. This system is available at a very competitive price and opens the door to new work opportunities.

Regardless of whichever option you choose if you have any technical problems you can benefit from our 24 hour support. We also offer a range of installer support services including marketing support, technical support and customer support.

For more information please contact Mary Breen, Operations Director, on 01775 823024 or email [email protected]