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CCTV Monitoring

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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring Overview

CCTV when not combined with a monitoring service simply views and records crime. Many insurers now provide discounts for those businesses or individuals who engage the services of a CCTV monitoring specialist, such as GB Monitoring.

CCTV monitoring works by connecting motion detectors to cameras, linked to a 24 hour remote monitoring control centre. Using high speed broadband and wireless 3G connections, the integrated cameras and motion sensors will detect any movement onsite.

For those sites which we provide CCTV monitoring for, when the installed cameras detect movement our Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) picks up live images so a member of the monitoring team can ascertain whether the movement is a real threat. If the live images detect human movement, action will be taken to inform the intruder that they are being watched and recorded and that emergency services will be informed; this is usually actioned via an onsite tannoy system. If necessary, our operators will alert the emergency services who provide a priority response as the incident has been visually confirmed.

Click here to view a summary of how remote monitored CCTV works.

The Benefits of CCTV Monitoring

  • The main advantage of remotely monitored CCTV as opposed to a local recording system or alarm system, is that the monitoring centre is aware of the status of your site at all times, resulting in potential problems being dealt with before they occur. Crime prevention is far more cost effective than dealing with a crime after it occurs.
  • CCTV monitoring is a cost effective approach to security provision which operates 24/7. For example, when compared to round-the-clock traditional manned guarding it has the potential to deliver savings of up to 80% year-on-year after the installation costs.
  • It reduces the risk of arson, theft and vandalism as CCTV monitoring is an effective crime deterrent.
  • Some insurers stipulate CCTV monitoring as a security measure and it can help to reduce insurance premiums.

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