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A preventative way to tackle crime

Crime prevention is far more cost effective than dealing with a crime after it occurs. Over the years, the remote monitoring of CCTV has gained a reputation as being an effective tool in crime prevention. In fact, an increasing number of insurance companies are now demanding that their commercial clients implement a remote monitoring package.

CCTV systems that are not monitored simply record. This means that if a crime did take place, no one would be alerted and consequently, the recordings would be used to assist the Police in tracking down the offenders and bringing them to justice. In contrast, remotely monitored CCTV systems take a pro-active approach.

Through remote monitoring, a Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) is aware of the status of the site at all times, resulting in potential criminal activity being dealt with before it occurs. Remote CCTV monitoring works by connecting motion detectors to cameras, linked to a RVRC. Using high speed broadband and wireless 3G connections the integrated cameras and motion sensors detect any movement on site. If a detector is triggered, images from an associated camera are transmitted to the RVRC.

Upon receipt, the RVRC’s operative will assess the image and, if necessary, will pull up live images from all associated cameras to assess the cause of the trigger. Should the operative believe that there is unauthorised person(s) on site then he or she will issue an audio warning through an onsite tannoy system. If necessary, the operative will take pre-determined action and will alert keyholders and/or the Police.

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